A Mobile-First Platform for Patient-Generated Data Management

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We help health systems and researchers collect, integrate, and analyze patient-generated data. Simplify your workflow and let us manage your data. It's easy and secure.

CartoDB Platform

All Your Data in One Place

No matter what data you need to collect, we have you covered. HexCare provides data from a number of different sources.

How It Works

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Create Your Study

CartoDB Platform

Step 2

Enroll Patients Through Our Mobile App

Easily track biometrics, symptom logs, medication use, and patient-reported outcomes in one place. With a real-time dashboard, historical trends, and the ability to receive notifications and educational content, patients will be more engaged than ever before.


Step 3

Analyze and Manage Data

With our customizable dashboard, you can see up-to-date information on device status, app usage, survey completion, self-reported data, and device data that is automatically synced every 5 minutes. You can also send surveys, educational content, and messages with the click of a button.

CartoDB Platform


Built for Scale

Want to send data to your data warehouse or EMR instead? No problem. We're working with USC, Northwestern, Harvard, and other CTSA institutions to integrate patient-reported outcomes (PROs) into Epic and Cerner.


Simplifying Data Management

HexCare aims to make patient-generated data management simple and intuitive. With our advanced features, we can help track outcomes, improve quality, and streamline research.

  • Digital Consent

    Create a custom document for patients to complete digitally.

  • EMR Integration

    Export data in many formats or send it to your data warehouse or EMR.

  • Push Notifications

    Send messages and automated reminders directly to your patients.

  • Customizable Dashboard

    Customize your dashboard according to your specific aims and outcomes.

  • Cloud-based

    Our HIPAA-compliant infrastructure allows for research at a global scale.

  • NIH Toolbox

    Send over 300+ CATs and short forms to assess patients remotely.

  • App Tracking

    Track when patients log on, view surveys, and navigate to different parts of the app.

  • Education

    Create custom education bundles containing articles, videos, and audio files.

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